Friday, February 23, 2007

Jason Kehl show
February 23rd, 8pm
Blue Ridge Outdoors
125 N Main St, Blacksburg VA

Monday, February 12, 2007


I went solo to Bozoo yesterday. Having never been there after any significant snow fall, I was pretty surprised at what was climbable. With just a bit of time dedicated to snow removal, I climbed a problem or two in just about every area. Not to mention, the snow probably kept most people inside , so it was a beautifully white and quiet day. A partial list of things that stay dry or need very little snow removal:

The Blok: The Thing, Driver 8, Thoraxic, Grinding for Tips
The Crown: juggy warm ups...though kicking some snow outta the "crown" is advised
Hershey Kiss boulder: everything, except the tall easy problem in the middle
45 wall: Everything...only a little light seeping; not anything that can't be dried w/ a towel/chalk
Fire pole: Everything
French Tits boulder: French Tits

The highlight, asides from not falling through any of the frozen creeks, was getting the second ascent of The Flame. The problem looks like nothing and appears to be easy, but it is deceptive. With two tough moves in four, it packs a little heat in there. Using a little different beta than Truc (and being a little taller, which is not so good on this one), I agree that its about V7 or so.

Jason Simpson took the following pics one afernoon while I was flounderin' on this problem when it was about 70 in January

Friday, February 09, 2007

Along came Humpty Dumpty


Two weeks ago, Adam Z. made a quick second try ascent of the Bozoo highball Forbidden Fruit. The first attempt resulted in a cartwheeling, sideways digger onto the ground. With no injuries asides some bent glasses, Adam sacked up again, and sent.

a week or so later....

Hanging at the gym, Adam took a reasonably sized fall onto the pads. Absurdly bad luck took over this time... Adam is on the mend. If you see him around town, buy the dude a beer.