Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer update

McAfee's summer update:

Phil FA'd two short problems across from Afrika Bambatta in the Grotto. While short, both are good introductions to McAfee's slopey top outs while not getting far off the ground.

1) Phil's Mantel 1 V1 SDS on rail and top out vial slopers.

2) Phil's Mantel 2 V1 SDS on rail and top out via slopers

Just to the right of these problems in the corner is...
3) Saucer V3 SDS on bad slopers/ fist jams and top out via pinch-runnels and slopers.

and a poorly cleaned problem about 15-20 to the right of this is...
4) unnamed V0 face via slimpers.

On the Mushroom boulder, another warm up was established to the right of the Pistol Grip problem.

5) Revival V1 start low on twin crimps, and climb face via crimps and high sidepull.

Lastly, Adam's Circus Trick was re-established after the hold breakage. This obscure and awkward problem is located on the F.E.A. boulder. It starts where the roof meets the ground on a blocky left hand under cling and right hand on thin undercling. Shouldery. Joe R took some video of the send.

Beware: contains stumpy content not suitable for some climbers

Bring on the sweet conditions!!!!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Octagon and Farm House boulders

A few new problems have gone up at Moores Wall, speciffically at the 2mile ridge areas.


After Stephen M. FA'd Octagon (v9), it was followed up with the quick 2 & 3rd by Rodney B. and Nate D, respectively. While climbing there, Nate added a left start, also wieghing in at around V9.

Farm House: Just the climbers right of the Highball problems, two problems were recently climbed. They are located in a mini-cave .

1) Plunger, V3: Start on left side on large jug. Traverse left via sidepull to arete & top out. the "pedistal" feature is off route.

2) The Diving board, V0: start on the right side of the cave on the jug. Traverse the lip to the "diving board feature and top out. This one may have been climbed before...if so, whats the name?

Below the the high ball boulder in a short steep boulder (about 8 ft tall and 120deg angle). Neil and Stu established a problem on the right side. Adam W. recently established a problem out the center.

1) Unnamed as of yet, V 3/4?: start on low jug slot (Right of tree) climb steep bulge/face via pocket/crimps to top out.

2) The Farmer's Daughter, V5?: start on jug at the base of the middle section of the steepness. Climb straight out to much easier section and topout. Tricky opening to casual climbing.

A small photo blitz....

Neil attempting Octagon

Stu climbing a line to the left of Octagon

Photo-sequence of Jenn attempting a warm up...

...and the result.

Photo Assualt conclusion

Photo Assualt conclusion

The STICKmata, Main area, Moore's Wall

Travis showing composure on Control, 2Mile, Moore's Wall

Up next: FAs at 2 Mile satillite areas...

Monday, March 31, 2008

Round 2

More ammo for the assault...

W & the Vandal, The Valley, Moore's Wall

Henry focusing on the next move of R2V2, Main Area, Moore's Wall

Travis gets experience in the Nice 'un Simulator, 2 Mile , Moore's Wall

Katrina sussing out the upper section of a highball in the Main Area, Moores Wall 

Matt trying to hold his breath will attempting the Pedistal Problem, 2nd Mtn, VA

and for all the non believers and chuffers alike...yes I do own a harness. 
 I Advance Masked, NRG

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Distilled Update

It has come to my attention that Distilled has been left in
a deep dark corner of the blog-o-sphere (there's a fun word) as of late. What was I thinking... So get ready for Distilled, version 2.0: STRONGER, BETTER, FASTER....yeah right...lets just aim for updated on an occasion (how's that for vague). Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, take cover: PHOTO ASSAULT!!!!!

2-Mile (photos: Jonathon)

Team Trouble: Steven, Travis, & Henry

Warm up problem

Applying some malt liquor to "Thorns"

More of "Thorns"

Unnamed problem near "Thorns"
Henry on "Voltage Boy"
Steven on "Voltage Boy"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I have been checking out the sweet boulderfield on Ridges Mtn, in Asheboro, aka Asheboro Boulders. These boulders are sweet granite blobs that are situated along the ridge and down both sides. In typical SE fashion, the access has been tricky. Currently, one can gain access through becoming a member of the Carolina Climbers Colalition...$25 bucks to protect your favorite NC /SC areas and gain access to a great boulder field.

While bouldering there, I have put up 2 new lines. First, Resurection, located on the Alien Face boulder ascends the bulge to the right of Alien Face. Resurection starts on the horizontal crack and climbs up via a small right hand crimp and a left slopper off a bump from a small crimp, finishing on a typical Asheboro topout. After meetin' and talking to John P., it sounds like this is a likely FA.

The second line, Yellow # 5, is located on the main ridge. With one's back to the Lightning Bolt Crack, walk about 100 feet to a moss covered boulder that is about 7 ft tall. Once there, walk around to the left and you will see a horizontal seam at about 2/3 hieght. Start on the seam/crimp and pull onto the boulder. Now snatch the top and roll over. Not terribly hard, but tricky to pull on. Reminessant of Empty Handed at McAfee's Knob.

Carolina Climber's Coalition

All for now...look for pics of these to come soon!