Friday, December 22, 2006



Christmas has come and gone...and its still nearly 55 outside in January. Kinda freaky.

Jason and I went out early for a dawn session at Mickey Mouse boulders on McAffee's knob. Well, almost dawn since I was off the back, which probably wasn't a big deal since it was in the mid 20's then.

It was definitely chilly during the warm ups. Numb toes and fingers made it hard get some flow, but after a bit the juices started to flow. It was a short productive morning. Jason sent the Flake problem in a 3-4 problem. After fumbling around and what not I managed to send the extended start to Attamatapia, a project (I think). It starts on a sloping jug and follows a heel draggin' sloper traverse to the start of Attamatpia and then links into it. Whiole its the epitopmy of "low-ball", its got fun moves in a cool position/setting. Unless its been done prior, lets call it "Decepticon". Jason took the folowing photos.