Wednesday, September 30, 2009

some more pics from Sunday...

party begins...hikers in nearby cars are very confused!

ropes? we don't need no stinking ropes...sept to hold up our pants!

the warm up begins!

...and Adam suggests "crimping harder" and "don't suck for five seconds" Joe..."like this".

sweet! Scott sends!!

view of the peanut gallery

Monday, September 28, 2009

a drinking blog with a climbing problem...

The crew was itching Sunday after a Saturday of constant rain...and the temps were best we have seen in months. The word "sticky" comes to mind, if not, atleast not slick or humid. Normal for the rest of the world. So after the wind dried out the boulders and beers were purchased, the party started at the McAfee's Knob Fire Road boulders:


6/4 arete saw a pile of personal firsts: Matt D, Scott F, Joe L

A gay alien scooter was discovered roaming the mountain...possible scout from the colony?

Even the ever ellusive Bernard was seen out and about the boulders. Truely a rare sighting of this unique creature. Consider yourself lucky if your are fortunate to ever gaze upon him.
After few beers, attempts were made on Whitney (v10), but no one got lucky...
more pics to come!
Parting shot: This guy has never been bouldering with us...he is obviously confused. These guys are they could drink more if they diched the ropes...

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yeah, pretty sure it's gonna continue raining...resulting in free time. And the result...

...happy Saturday! and remember, it's never too early to grab a "sloper". So, go ahead and plan an indoor session of wood pulling and hope the sun returns soon enough to dry the rock before Monday returns.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tha HYPE is REAL!

...and some un-tampered pics of center line "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver"

and here are some pics of the sweet summer action as it has gone down so far...tall, short (sometimes down right stumpy), fun, hard, crimpy, mantles and of course heady--all bases are covered- 'sept course super slopey. we'll save those guys for the coming season

Joe and Kent working the left line "Sprinkles" and right line "Flight of the Locust"

no name warm up on sweet boulder Walker and I cleaned...and tapped

Walker sending "Sunny Seattle"

Planet Rock warm up

Joe Lambert- Birthday FA day...Walker looking on (with sweet wife beater tan line)

...looking poised, NOT- fell off only seconds later

Hollywood (aka-Walker) on Cupcake boulder

Construction Joe- attempting to solve Sprinkles

Walker on upper waterfall arete- don't worry, Jen's got your spot...somewhere below in that four foot drop not captured here


We have been bouldering a ton as the summer winds down. Fall is in the air and the leaves are just starting to crunch as they cover the trails of our favorite crags.For some, NEW projects found and sent (pic below of Adam and Scott problem solving what would ultimately become "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" after Adam crushed). For myself, unfortunately, I have several new projects. Some of which are considered "warm ups"...oh well.

Check back often as we attempt to get ourselves organized enough to provide information about climbing trips, crag access, parties, gym sessions and other sweetness! and of course, share pictorial evidence of our success and ignorance.