Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall is on the Horizon

Lots going on in SWVA...

New problem on Sandstone Mtn:  The Green Room, v6.  Start on the ledge under roof and follow rails out to arete and top out.  Video to come soon.

Mtn Nebo had a project go down...more to come.  Double-A-ron?  I'm looking at you!

Coveted 2nd ascents at GHSP have occured over the past little bit.  Down Tempo got a second, though it is not as difficult as originally described (v8).  Climbing a sloper lip for a few moves before easing, Down Tempo clocks in closer to about v6.  A third ascent might be needed to help this problem settle around the accurate grade.  Video to come...

Sigourney Weaver was confirmed at v8+/9-.  Climbing a line of crimps and relying on core tension, this line is fun despite being a lowball.   The start hold crumbled a bit during the repeat process, but no change in difficulty.

Jenn has been reppin' it for the ladies.  She has been putting together a nice list of FFA's from GHSP of late. A few highlights from the late summer season.
Frisky Monkey
Casual Tees

and with Thews & Mothership nearly in the crosshairs...and hiking Mike Tyson's Face (5.12), it will be interesting to see what she can do with a bit better conditions. 

While we were at AVP finishing Sigourney Weaver, we noticed some of the holds on Frontman were flexing quite a bit.  We showed up this weekend to warm up, and the holds now moved nearly an inch!  The Richmond crew decided to test the stability of the holds...

Untitled from adam walker on Vimeo.

Last week had 2 great film festivals going on, the Reel Rock Tour and the Radical Reel Tour. The later had some great videos. My personal favorite was the Paxti U. segment from Progression.   Inspirational for trying HARD.  A few pics from the Expo and festival are here.

The Reel Rock Tour was in its second edition at VT.  The VT climbing club raised some money for both NRAC and the Access Fund.  Blue Ridge Mtn Sports helped to pad the donation with a raffle of an Osprey Talon 22. Congrats to Sarah L on winning a sweet pack and giving a donation!

Last, but not least, the first round of the Triple Crown is quickly approaching.  Hound Ears, which is open just once a year for this event, is first up.  Registration is full, so if you have yet to sign up, then you are gonna miss a bad ass session.  Luckily, the after party and gear raffle are open to all, and helps benefit climbing in the SE.  If you have never been, then check out this video for a glimpse into the event and its history!

Triple Crown Bouldering Series 2010 from matt stark on Vimeo.

There you have it....lots to be psyched about as the cooler temps begin to trickle in.  Stay tuned as some cool stuff is about to come down the pike!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

2 great festivals next week!

Looking for some fun times in the gymless 24060?  Well, two film festivals are going on over the next few days!  First up is the Reel Rock Tour, brought to Blacksburg by the Climbing Club at VT.  Sure to be a great time for all of the climbers in the NRV!  Stop by early, check out the Blue Ridge booth, and make sure to buy tickets for the gear raffel.  Some great stuff to be raffeled off from BRMS, Chaco, Mountain Khaki, Mammut, and more!  Best of all, proceeds are being donated to NRAC and the Access Fund!

Venue: Graduate Life Center at Virginia Tech Auditorium
Date: Tue 09/14
Show Time: 7:00 pm
Tickets: $6 at the door. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Back for a 2nd year, is presenting Radical Reels!

Faster, steeper, higher, deeper! The most outrageous mountain sport films from the 34th annual Banff Mountain Film Festival will thrill and inspire you with big-screen adventures when RADICAL REELS comes to Roanoke on September 15. 

Bike tough trails, paddle wild waters, and ski steep slopes. The Radical Reels Tour runs every spring & winter and spans North America bringing a variety of mountain sport films to a wide range of viewers from hard-core outdoor adventurers to weekend warriors. Grab your tickets and hang on to your seats as we present the world’s best action films on skiing, boarding, climbing, biking, kayaking and more – all brought to life on the big screen. The tour makes only one stop in Virginia, and this is it!  
GET OUTSIDE EXPO - From 5:00-6:30 local outfitters, stores, non-profits, and volunteer groups will have tables set up showcasing what it is they do. Come meet the people who keep our outdoors moving! 

5:00PM–6:30PM (Outdoor Expo–come whenever!) 
6:45PM (Radical Reels showing–be on time)
The Jefferson Center
 (downtown Roanoke).
Beer and wine available.
$13 (includes tax) - Last year's event sold out early - so get your tickets now.
  • Purchase Tickets Online (additional $2.50 fee)
  • Call (540.345.2550) or buy in person and there is no additional $2.50 fee
  • Students tickets are $7 (must purchase at Jefferson Center)
Facebook Users
Check out the Facebook Event Page to see who else is coming and invite your friends.

Check 'em out, as they both are great shows and not to be missed!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Like a broken record... how we have been climbing.  Working the last kinks out of our summer projects at GHSP before the Fall climbing season rolls into the South.  Not a bad thing, as there is plenty to keep up with.

Some notable new problems at GHSP
-Mouth of Wilson (stand)
-Mouth of Wilson (low)
-Frisky Monkey
-When Mommy Hit Daddy 
-Allegiance to the Swag
- and many more...

Brushing the sloper on When Mommy Hit Daddy

So we got a replacement Flip Mino, and guess what, that shit doesn't work.  Moral: don't get a Flip Mino.  Another short from GHSP, shot from the little Canon.  

Jenn: Wing Man & Reverie
W: Tiger Side & When Mommy Hit Daddy
Wyatt: Tilt-a-Whirl

GHSP 4 from adam walker on Vimeo.

 A few from the 24060 got out to the NRG to give a little love to the Junk Yard crag approach.  The Jasons, Jenn, and Mike all got out there, shoveled gravel, laid ties, and helped create a much needed stair system to the crag.  Well done !

top of the trail

Lots of hard work...almost done!