Thursday, July 05, 2007

Crouch repeats and Broken Wing 2.0

With the summer heat in most of us have chucked our pads into the closet and grabbed the rope. Well most of us...

David R. and Spencer B. have both repeated the Crouch Dyno (solid V6) at McAfee's Knob. Both came heartbreakingly close on their first day's attempts. These will make the 2nd and 3rd ascents, respectively. David thought the problem was deserving of a upgrade to V.7.

On the same day as David's ascent, several new problems were opened. To find the following problems, start walking toward the summint begining at the the trail for the Domino Wall. Walk past the left for the Pocket Arete corridor, and on the right there is a low roof to bulge. There should be a prominent pocket at just above head height on the right side of the bulge.

1) One Eyed Betty, V2/3: SDS under roof on jugs and climb out to lip. Ascend bulge via pocket and left hand pinch.

continue to the right 20 feet and you will find a thin face problem and large pocket problem

2) Bowling for Flute, V1: Follow line of pockets and top out
3) Zumstien problem, V1: step on at jugs and climb face via thin gastons/sidepulls.

Lastly, Serban J. got jacked. Following the lead of the of Zumstein, Serban took a big whip...only his was outside. Missing the pad from the top out of Little Green Men, yeilded Serban a broken forearm. Luckily the break was not too bad and he'll back in 6-8 weeks. If you see Broken Wing 2.0 around, hook him up w/ a beer or two.

be safe,

The W