Wednesday, August 25, 2010

bC in the PNW

PNW, check.

In one word: AWESOME.

Actually its not, its terrible, never go.  Its crowded, slick, chossy, and all full of itself. ;)

We got the grand tour: Squamish & Leaventworth

Squamish is a granite paradise.  All of the nice parts of a granite field like Yosemite, but without any of the detractions.  Only issue...its 3000+ miles aways from the 24060.

Truc had a crack team assembled to crush us, and that they did.  We ran from one end to another sampling all the classics:  Worm World, Heart Break Hotel, Lounge Act, Easy Chair, Gibs Cave, Viper, and many more. 
The Crew: Heidi, Brian, Haychoi, Eric, Truc
W vs Worm World

W vs a really heavy block

Eric vs Viper
Heidi vs Heart Break Hotel
Truc vs Sloper Rail
Truc vs Flake

Leavenworth :

one word: Bavarian.

Leiterhosen, brats, brots, keilbasa, and beer make this place sweet.  Well that, and endless boulders.  Really, really killer ones at that.

W vs Fridge Left
W and Truc sussing Hanta Man

W vs Bavarian Beer

As for video, we had some tech difficulties.  We were dumfounded by the easiest VC on the planet.  Later we found it wasn't us, and another is on the HD.  Till then, enjoy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

West ward!

Broce element of bC is chilling at the airport in Roanoke

so far:
1 55 min flight delayed
1  accidently deleted post
1 questioned piece of baggage
1 questioned piece of clothing
1 questioned computer
2nd flight delay, 10 min

and still haven't left Roanoke.  So with some time to kill... a post with 2 quick notes:


Currently bouldering at Mtn Lake is still closed.  Mountain Lake Conservancy
is re-evlauating what types of recreation they wish to allow on their land.
While local resources are working with MLC to guide this evalauation, it is
requested that the climbing community continue to abstain from bouldering at
Mtn Lake.  In order to not only show support for the MLC's wishes, but also
the importance of the resource to the climbing community, a petition is circulating.  Please take a moment to sign:  They are available at the Climbing Club @ VT, W, Travis M, or Blue Ridge Mountain Sports.  The petitions will be collected in the up coming weeks prior to a land management proposal meeting for the Mtn Lake area. Thank you for taking the time to do so as we try to show the community's concern for for our local resource.

We climb at the NRG, we love it, and could stand to give a day of work back.  So save the date, head out, and lend a hand.  We are, will we see you there?

Facebook page

From NRAC:

Lend just an hour or two, a whole day or multiple days!
What: Junkyard Wall approach trail, risers and re-route
When: Tuesday, August 31 – Monday, September 6
Where: Junkyard Wall each day at 8:30 am
Bring: Closed-toed shoes, your own food, water, etc.
Junkyard Wall gets its name from the actual unofficial junkyard that once graced what is now the approach trail. The hill was, "once an overflowing mound of washing machines, Mason jars, old tires, and household refuse," writes Mike Williams in New River Gorge Rock Climbs (Wolverine Press). The NPS cleaned the largest of the trash out long ago, but the tinier detritus remains. That combined with the steep nature of the trail makes approaching Junkyard the most dangerous part of the day. Who knows how deep the trash runs?! Take a gander at the millions of glass shards lining the path and it's easy to see why some call it "Hepatitis Hill."
Well, not for much longer. Beginning Tuesday, August 31 and going on through Labor Day Weekend, NRAC and the NPS plan to attack the long-standing Junkyard Wall approach problem by re-routing parts of the trail and installing steps where needed. The major push will occur Saturday, September 4, but we'll gladly accept your help on any one of those days. If you can lend an entire day, that’s great, but we understand the lure of the cliff, too. If all you can give us is an hour or two, we’ll appreciate you just as much!

So there you have it: two great opportunities to spread some love to 2 of our unique resources.  So gain some good karma, sign a petition, and help move some trash!

If you need to carpool, or have a question, post to comments

Monday, August 09, 2010

T minus 5 days...

Folks are starting to come out of hibernation as the Fall season approaches.  Jay and Josh hopped on the train to GHSP this past Sunday to test the waters.  Good to see folks checking out the best summer climbing in VA, and getting psyched to rip when the cool Autumn weather returns.  While checking out some classic hard lines and a few projects, a few FAs were squeezed in: S.W.S. (v6ish), Kitten Mittens (v3), six50 (v3), Stumble (v0).  Lots of great lines to chose from for a late summer project...where to begin?

A quick & dirty vid to keep you psyched...Three from GHSP
1) Jenn cruising up Front Man @ AVP
2) Josh reaching through Paladin on his 2nd or 3rd try...bagging the 3rd(?) ascent of Paladin @ LRT...pretty good for not climbing in 8 weeks.  He also snatched up the first repeat of the odd ball line, Sofa King
3) W on the short crimp problem, Athena @ Olympus

GHSP 3 from adam walker on Vimeo.

Speaking of goodness, the Broce element of BC is getting ready to depart for Seattle and Canada for a week, eh? Friends, seafood & beers, and a few boulders...  Psyched to see what the NW has to offer!

much to come...back in a bit