Friday, October 22, 2010

Coming next week...

What makes a problem classic?  position? holds? grade?

Some folks might use logical parameters or a bizarre form of math and online consensus to come up with an idea of what a 5 star classic is.

I don't pretend to know... some folks say I have strange sense of whats good or not.

We are gonna attempt to figure it out over the next few months while bouldering through SWVA, starting with the final GHSP session...

SWVA Classics: GHSP trailer from adam walker on Vimeo.

Until then....W

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

tantalizingly close

Not a ton going on in the past week.  The roller coaster of hot/less hot has been in full effect, and I think folks are about to be sick from the ride.  The full season is just around the corner.  Hopefully we have all paid our dues to crush in eminent future!  So dig out the down, grab the chalk pot, and begin the count down to crush time.

Speaking of crush, young Dave has followed his compass West, yet again, in search of difficult pebbles.  Last check had Dave headed for Joe's Valley in search of the RAD.  Take a moment and check his blog.

As promised a new video...but not only one, but two!  First is probably the final installment of the GHSP sessions.  Its starting to get prime in other areas, and we have run the course through GHSP...not a lot left to do, but tons of projects else where for the season.  Maybe a one more...

GHSP:3 from LRT from adam walker on Vimeo.

Second is from our lost compadre, Will of Bingo Bango Productions.  We are psyched to have some new contribution to the digital carnival, and can't wait to see what else comes...  without further delay....

Last, but not least, don't forget the photo contest from the previous post!  Become famous for 15 minutes, and have your picture at that top of DS!


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Photo-asault, contest, and more!

        Finally, the diblitating heat has broken here in SWVA!  Just as I was about to give up all hope and resign myself to my newest hobby.  Time to start sizing up the fall projects and do work!  And if you are looking at GHSP, best get a move on as the access to the LRT boulders will close in the next few weeks till Spring.   Go get it!

A few FAs have gone up in the past week or two with the improving conditions:
Wookin Pa Nub, V8/9 @ GHSP
Undercover Motherfucker (direct), V6 @ Sandstone Mtn  (video to come)
Green Room (sit), V6 @ Sandstone Mtn
Tournament of Champions, V6 @ Nebo

We are gonna run a cool little photo contest for the next bit.  See the title at the top...imagine your photo there for all to gaze upon.  Start snapping pics and email them to .  The contest will end Nov 10.  Just about a month to get some killer shots and submitt them.  The winner might even get a little something special...

Rules (there are always rules, but not many):
1) needs to be in SWVA (2 hr-ish circle around 24060)
2) needs to be somewhere that has open stealth missions
3) submitted by Nov 10th

in the mean time, let part one of the Photo Assualt begin!!!

Josh and W VS Stigmata (v9/10)

Josh VS Stigmata (v9/10)

Cliff VS Smart Tom(v4)

Adam VS Kalashnikov (v6/7)

W VS Worm World (v9)

Truc and W sussing it out

Dave VS Flinger (v8)
There should be a new video up in a few days, but not to disappoint those looking for some sweet videos to keep the psyche up , I got to two to send your way.  First up is a funny music video from Chris Webby.  Check it... LT11 snowboarding video?!?!?  Yeah, its killer.

W out, or as Marco would say, offline.