Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Octagon and Farm House boulders

A few new problems have gone up at Moores Wall, speciffically at the 2mile ridge areas.


After Stephen M. FA'd Octagon (v9), it was followed up with the quick 2 & 3rd by Rodney B. and Nate D, respectively. While climbing there, Nate added a left start, also wieghing in at around V9.

Farm House: Just the climbers right of the Highball problems, two problems were recently climbed. They are located in a mini-cave .

1) Plunger, V3: Start on left side on large jug. Traverse left via sidepull to arete & top out. the "pedistal" feature is off route.

2) The Diving board, V0: start on the right side of the cave on the jug. Traverse the lip to the "diving board feature and top out. This one may have been climbed before...if so, whats the name?

Below the the high ball boulder in a short steep boulder (about 8 ft tall and 120deg angle). Neil and Stu established a problem on the right side. Adam W. recently established a problem out the center.

1) Unnamed as of yet, V 3/4?: start on low jug slot (Right of tree) climb steep bulge/face via pocket/crimps to top out.

2) The Farmer's Daughter, V5?: start on jug at the base of the middle section of the steepness. Climb straight out to much easier section and topout. Tricky opening to casual climbing.

A small photo blitz....

Neil attempting Octagon

Stu climbing a line to the left of Octagon

Photo-sequence of Jenn attempting a warm up...

...and the result.

Photo Assualt conclusion

Photo Assualt conclusion

The STICKmata, Main area, Moore's Wall

Travis showing composure on Control, 2Mile, Moore's Wall

Up next: FAs at 2 Mile satillite areas...