Friday, March 12, 2010

Banff Mountain Film Festival and more!

Mar 17, 2010
• Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

We are excited to present the Annual BANFF MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL WORLD TOUR this year at the historic Lyric Theatre, in downtown Blacksburg, VA.
The 2010 edition of the film festival brings together a wide range of mountain escapades from all over the world. Come see how cinematographers push the limits to present films showcasing breath-taking locations, amazing cultures, and daring athletes. One showing only, so don't miss out!

Tickets are available for sale at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, located at the First and Main shopping plaza.  Tickets are moving fast, so get yours soon! 

Where: The Lyric Theatre
When March 17th, 7pm
Cost: $10 Adults/ $8 Students with ID

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Check the trailer below...this thing is rad, so be there or be [ ]

Also climbing has just becoming doable again here in the NRV...shit has been snowed on, and then ice covered.  As I write, now its raining...fuck.  Tired of the sporadic good, or atleast dry, conditions locally, well here are some short clips from drier days. 

great trailer from a movie that didn't happen:

McAfee Knob bouldering Trailer from Matthew Gant on Vimeo.

And two classic, local moderates:
FEA from Matthew Gant on Vimeo.

European Smoothness: from Matthew Gant on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Escape to Lunchbag

How do you know you're a strong climber? You make a climbing video that has absolutely no climbing in it, whatsoever. If you've got the balls to pull that off and not fear being heckled by the literal and digital peanut galleries, then fear not young climber--you crush. If you can't perform such a fearless act, then get the fuck out our way. Luckily, Clif, Jay, and myself all have enormous balls . . .

Escape To Lunchbag from Joe Lambert on Vimeo.

Monday, March 01, 2010

2nd Annual BRMS/Rock Bouldering Comp Results

2010 results:

Guys: Beginner
1) Aaron Ramsey (1685)
2) Kevin Kelly (1400)
3) James Lassiter (790)

Gals: Beginner
1) Jenny Wagner (430)

Guys: Intermediate
1) Mike Szwedo (2280)
2) Sam Froelich (1910)
3) Joe Gruss (1810)

Gals: Intermediate
1) Kelly N. (1365)

Guys: Advanced
1) Will Dorinsky (2935, tie breaker at 7th problem)
2) Aaron Parlier (2935, tie breaker at 7th problem)
3) Matt Londrey (2775)

Thanks to everyone who came out and pulled down!  Special thanks to the The Rock @ the Dwelling Place for hosting the event & Blue Ridge Mountain Sports for sponsoring the comp!  See you in 2011!  Comp video to come soon...