Sunday, January 21, 2007

Winter is back in effect

With Jenn starting school @ UVa again this week, I have found myself back in C'ville for this weekend. We had plans for two days of pulling ,but nothing other than that. I was gonna just be glad to be outside and feeling good after recovering from the appearance of the Tequila Monster earlier in the week.

Jenn and I busted out a typically late start to Moorman's after a late brunch. I was hoping to head there to dispatch False Witness and Jen was gunnin' for the main wall's traverse. I was secretly hoping to have time to go try the Egg @ Sugar Hollow again and myabe Great White. But first we had to get the ball rolling...

After suffering through the wind for a bit, the body and fingers started to feel good. While we were warming up we met two locals, Vern ( a HS principal ) and Tim. Both were really nice and it sounds like Tim had quite a bit to do with bolting the conglomerant canyon of Maple, UT. Kinda of a small world...if you haven't been to Maple, then you should...its surreal to climb there: imagine a wall of cobble stones of all angles, with each cobble ranging from pea to chest size. Unreal and a bit disconcerting, though all pretty solid.

Anyhow, back to the day of tuggin'...I did False Witness pretty fast and while Jenn tried the main wall traverse for a bit. While we there hanging out with Vern and TIm, we learned that Sunday was to be the day Winter was gonna come roaring back to life. The skinny was snow followed by sleet and freezing rain. So after a bit of debating, we decide to bust it over to Sugar Hollow to try some problems today in case we missed out on climbing Sunday. After doing Great White, we scoped some new problems on an adjoining wall and decided to leave as that the temps were getting nasty.

Epiloge: It snowed, sleeted, and freezing rained all day on Sunday

False Witness

Monday, January 15, 2007

Summer in Winter?

Jenn and I went to McAfee's Knob with the intent of getting some, if any, bouldering in since it had rained hard the night before. Well, some of it was dry and we put in a pretty casual session in hopes of getting drier and cooler weather the tomorrow...which for Winter that wouldn't normally be a tall order. We live in Bizarro land...this winter we have more 55+ days than I can remember, and tomorrow is to be nearly 70. Guess we will see what happens...

After a night of a lot of Tequilla and a pile of 24 episodes, its nearly 55 at 9am. By noon its almost 65. At the crag, the car thermometer says its 70. Well damn, I guess Winter might not arrive this year.

After rallying a posse together (Mike & Jason), we headed to Bozoo since the NRG was looking rainy. Upon arriving there, we ran into some friends: Truc, Heidi, Abbie, Philip and Jeb. Taking the HOT weather in stride we busted out a good circuit. Jason made a quick ascent of a V3 mantel problem in the warm up area. Mike came desperately close to a v6 roof to mantel in the same area, while Jenn made progress on a traverse located on the Hersey boulder. Truc gave a little beta on the Flame, allowing me to come super close to doing it in BAD conditions...maybe next time.

After finishing up at the Hersey/warm up area, we finished up at the 45 degree wall with Jeb and Philip. They, Mike, and Jenn tried Forbiden Fruit while I did Destro, the middle sit start into both the pinch and crimp finishes and the Mothena problem. All in all a great day in the rediculously warm weather.

Clockwise: Mike on the warm up roof mantle, Truc on the Flame

***now that I am writing this watch it snow 2 feet