Monday, June 21, 2010


Its hot, like really enough I bought a new harness to go chuffing.  Nothing like 90 degree heat while trying to swim up a cliff.  I might drown...

Back when it was decent out, I checked out the little boulder crag in Bluefield.  I was fortunate enough to climb this unique line:

Now its gone, along with the delapitated building to make way for "Progress".  Still a bunch of cool moderates up there, but the most unique line there is gone. 

Found this little gem "unposted"...

Title: Return of the Mexican

Quote from the fabled Mexican: I will crush your problem.


beware of Wynonna's bite
Only about 100ish days to Fall...hopefully I'll make it without suffering from heat stroke.  And we are only on day 1 of Summer

W out