Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer update

McAfee's summer update:

Phil FA'd two short problems across from Afrika Bambatta in the Grotto. While short, both are good introductions to McAfee's slopey top outs while not getting far off the ground.

1) Phil's Mantel 1 V1 SDS on rail and top out vial slopers.

2) Phil's Mantel 2 V1 SDS on rail and top out via slopers

Just to the right of these problems in the corner is...
3) Saucer V3 SDS on bad slopers/ fist jams and top out via pinch-runnels and slopers.

and a poorly cleaned problem about 15-20 to the right of this is...
4) unnamed V0 face via slimpers.

On the Mushroom boulder, another warm up was established to the right of the Pistol Grip problem.

5) Revival V1 start low on twin crimps, and climb face via crimps and high sidepull.

Lastly, Adam's Circus Trick was re-established after the hold breakage. This obscure and awkward problem is located on the F.E.A. boulder. It starts where the roof meets the ground on a blocky left hand under cling and right hand on thin undercling. Shouldery. Joe R took some video of the send.

Beware: contains stumpy content not suitable for some climbers

Bring on the sweet conditions!!!!