Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving week post

Temps have been a bit warm/wet in the 24060 the past few weeks considering the season, so the crew has made a few trips down to the classic Piedmont field, Moore's Wall.  The giant north facing crag casts a shadow that's been keeping it crisp amongst the boulders.  If you have never been, check out the awesome LT11 video below.

Having been a few years since we last visited, I wanted to check out a few new lines that have gone up ...
Vandalized (v6/7) - nice addition to an awesome block.
Rouge Wave (v8) - stellar!
Super Tsunami (v10) - awesome climbing...one to come back for
Pit Stain (v8ish) - also killer, a bit more "heady" than hard.
The Messer (v7) - cryptic...another one for the next trip
Blinded by the hype (v7/8) -  was wet...

Hopefully, it will get cool in SWVA soon...lots to do, and never enough time.

Young Dave has returned to climbing after straining his hammy.  After a brief stay in Banff to recover, word is he has headed back to the desert...

Enjoy 2 vids from Moore's Wall:

3 from Moore's Wall from adam walker on Vimeo.

Moore's Wall: A Few Piedmont Classics from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and keep an eye out for a post T-Day post...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

mid week quickie

A mid week quickie...

Last post forgot to mention few new FA's, all at GHSP:
The Flying Spaghetti Monster ... v8/9 
The Good Times Are Killing Me ... v6
Power of Jack ... v6
None are confirmed, and the race is on...

Also Ben D ticked the local classics Moneyshot (extended start, v7+) and Brooklyn Bridge (v8).  Dave's Line (v8) next?

In the meantime, Andy C and Justin M, rep'd Radford @ the ABS comp @ Earthtreks (Timonium, MD).  Andy and Justin took the 1/2 in Men's Advanced.

Till the next video from us, we you with 5 from others to get you psyched!  Two words: Gill and Nicole.

Classic Nicole

Classic Nicole composure while demostrating power

Gill in his forties

Gill's take on the passion...

Last is the first repeat of Nicole's classic, Dreamtime, before it was chipped to death.



Thursday, November 04, 2010

Running late as usual...

It was delayed...but its finally here.  Unfortunately the psyche it might build may have to last you till Spring, because LRT access is about to close till spring.

Whats a classic?  I don't know after 15+ years of searching, suffering, sending, and failing.   Trying to define it is a great challenge.  You know it...but how to describe it, or distinguish it from the low balls, choss, and other lesser quality lines?

Why LRT out of all the areas at GHSP?
1) its a 5 minute walk with great scenery
2) largest quantity of problems
3) wide diversity of grades and styles.

What lines? Well some we had already shot, some we never had a great chance.  They should all at least start at an obvious hold/feature, be striking, have a flat landing, and be friendly to climb on.  Eliminants, bizarre starts, and poor hold/rock quality are definitely "no's"

Four got captured on video: Beast master, Escape from Alcatraz, The Hive, Nancy w/ an E.  Not featured, but must do's if you are here: SLS, Kitten Mittens, Shanghi Knights.  All of these are great lines, regardless of the grade...climb them. Enjoy them.

This is our first attempt.  A classic to me may be your choss pile, but we are going to try to search out the lines that are the classics for their area in SWVA none the less.  Stay tuned for more of the Classic series.  Till then enjoy the ones we caught on video!

Classics: LRT @ GHSP from adam walker on Vimeo.